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Roof Inspection in Oahu HI
A roof inspection is important for home and property managers to keep up to date on your roof’s current condition. Whether you’re trying to sell the property, filling an insurance claim, or want to know if it’s time for new roof, Oahu Roofing & Repairs is at your service for qualified roof inspection services on Oahu!

Our roof inspectors on Oahu use their decades of experience and knowledge to give an expert opinion on the condition, quality, remaining life, and other details about your current roof.

Call Oahu Roofing & Repairs today to schedule a prompt inspection from the best roof inspectors on Oahu!

The Importance of a Professional Roof Inspection in Oahu

Our Process

Scheduling a roofing inspection starts with our trained roofing inspections arriving on your property to check the roof’s integrity and examine it for potential damage. The inspector will analyze the roof using specialized tools and procedures to check for leaks, damage, or any developing issues. If any issues are discovered, our inspectors will inform you of what’s going on with the roof and what your options are moving forward such as scheduling for service through Oahu Roofing & Repairs!

Why You Should Have Your Roof Inspected

Having your roof inspected is important for a wide range of reasons including:

  • A quality roof inspection is usually the first step in any major roofing project to determine the scope of work and provide a clear estimate. Gain insight into how long your roof will last before needing a replacement or repairs.
  • If you are in the middle of buying/selling a home, you’ll need a roof inspection to verify its quality and need for repairs.
  • Filing an insurance claim due storm or fire damage, a roof inspection is absolutely necessary when it comes to getting a fair reimbursement.
  • For commercial and residential properties, roofing inspections are required for code compliance to avoid fees or having your property shut down until repairs are properly performed.
  • Oahu experiences over 195 days of rain annually. This abundance of rain means that sooner or later, problems will develop with your roof. Having a roof inspection can prevent unseen water problems before rainy seasons.
  • Leaks typically form from degrading or improperly installed roofing materials. A roof inspection can detect leaks and save you money in the future.
  • Accessing the roof for many homeowners and property owners is not a DIY job. A roof inspection helps you gain insight into your roof without having to risk injury or further damaging your roof.

Types of Roofs We Inspect

Oahu Roofing & Repairs performs Code Compliance Inspections for all types of Roof Installations including:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Concrete tile roofing
  • Cedar shakes
  • Flat roofs/low-slope membranes
  • And many other alternative types of roofing materials

Who We Serve

Oahu Roofing & Repairs have also performed our Roof Inspection Services on Oahu commercial, residential, and industrial clients. Some of our past inspections have served:

  • Individual property owners
  • Homeowners Associations (HOA)
  • Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO)
  • Property management companies
  • Country clubs
  • Home builders (including new constructions)
  • Roofing contractors
  • Insurance companies
  • Realtors
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Restaurants
  • And more

Why Choose Oahu Roofing & Repairs?

The following are just some of the many reasons why we’re some of the most in-demand roof inspectors on Oahu:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing the current condition of your roof helps dispel any worries and provides insights into your roof, such as when you’ll need a replacement.
  • Actionable Solutions: Our inspectors not only clearly provide evidence about what’s wrong with your roof, but also give you solutions that work with your budget needs. Oahu Roofing & Repairs offers a full-range of roofing services, we can immediately schedule installations, repairs, and waterproofing so you can resolve any discovered issues.
  • Expert Information: We provide expert information about roofing materials, accessories, and their installation from years of experience. We can answer your questions about your roofing needs or any other roof related topics.
  • Prompt Service: When your roof has a problem, every day you delay can make the issue more expensive to fix. We work hard to provide service as soon as possible even during the busy seasons!

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For quality roofing inspections on Oahu, Oahu Roofing & Repairs is at your service. Have your roof professionally assessed today by calling us to schedule the roof inspection you need!


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