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Waterproofing for Roofs

Roof Waterproofing in Oahu
The island of Oahu experiences 195 days of precipitation annually. That means that for nearly half the year, there’s some form of rain that occurs – and a greater likelihood that water will try to infiltrate your home from your roof at some point in time. However, can you rely on your roof to repel water and keep your property dry?

With adequate waterproofing, your roof can last for decades.Since 2001, one of the most trusted roofing waterproofing companies on Oahu, Oahu Roofing & Repairs has worked with residential and commercial property owners to waterproof their homes.

We specialize in roof waterproofing service to keep moisture away from your roof interiors, preventing mold and beam rot from occurring. By ensuring your roofing material and roof tiles are resistant to water and keep your house in good condition, you can enjoy the peace of mind of a dry environment without damage to your structure. Best of all, our waterproofing services help you avoid costly repairs or replacement that result from the deterioration of the roof under constant exposure to moisture.

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Our Waterproofing Services

At Oahu Roofing & Repairs, we service new and existing roofs alike. We provide waterproofing for commercial, industrial, and residential customers using a wide range of waterproofing and sealing systems, including:

  • GACO
  • APOC
  • Hydrostop
  • Acry-Chem
  • Silicone roofs
  • Acrylic roofs
  • Roof coatings
  • And more

Our versatile waterproof roofing contractors on Oahu can perform above- and below-grade waterproofing for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Because every project presents a set of unique challenges, our team knows how to apply the waterproofing and protective applications that are the perfect fit for your property.

Our Waterproofing Process

Every job we perform is different, but we perform our work in a number of stages to ensure the best end-result that lasts for years to come.

Assessing the Scope of the Work

Before we start work, we send out one of our experienced waterproofing contractors to assess the damage and determine the source of leaks. After this assessment, we’ll inform you of what needs to be done, potential problems, and which available waterproofing options are best for the job.

Cleaning the Surface and Substrate

The first step in the waterproofing process is to thoroughly clean the surface and the substrate to enable the liquid applied membrane to adhere adequately. Depending on the scope of the damage, we may pressure wash the substrate to clean it and remove any debris, dust or other elements that may compromise the adhesion.

Surface Priming

Once the surface and substrate are cleaned, we apply a primer to the surface to enhance the adhesion of the membrane. The purpose of this is to prevent bituminous oils from bleeding through to the membrane. Because this step requires a dry environment for the primer to adequately dry, our technicians may use torches or an air blower to speed up the drying process.

Addressing the Roof’s Details and Components

Before applying the liquid membrane, our technicians address the details and components of your roof using spot treatments, caulking, and installation of waterproofing elements. Some of the most common areas we address include:

  • Interior corners
  • Exterior corners
  • Wall-to-floor corners
  • Metal flashing terminations and penetrations (such as drains, vents, and pipes)
  • AC units
  • Satellites
  • Solar panels
  • And more

Application of the Liquid Membrane

Many liquid membranes need fabric reinforcing mats installed underneath before installation, so we install this before applying the liquid membrane. This ensures a cohesive finished product that creates an impenetrable barrier against moisture while also preserving energy-efficiency throughout the building. After the liquid membrane is set, we install the other roofing elements on top of the waterproofing materials.

Final Inspection & Cleanup

Once the membrane is applied and the roofing materials are installed/re-installed, our technicians inspect the finished product to ensure that every leak is eliminated. We will also begin cleanup so that there are no leftover materials at the jobsite.

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When it comes to choosing among roofing waterproofing companies on Oahu, the answer is clear: Oahu Roofing & Repairs.

For two decades, we’ve earned a reputation in providing waterproofing service on Oahu that stand the test of time. No job is too big or too small, and we work with your schedule to minimize disruption to your business or home life.

Our technicians will expertly design the best waterproofing solution for your home or building based on your needs, walking you through the entire scope of your project. From our initial inspection to job completion, we promise to do it right the first time.

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