Hotel & Condo Roofing


Hotel & Condo Roofing

Oahu Roofing & Repairs provides a full range of roofing solutions for buildings with living units, including condominiums, apartment complexes, hotels, resorts, and more. As the premier choice among condominium roofing companies on Oahu, our experienced team can handle any job – big or small.  

We pride ourselves on getting your work completed on time, every time. Whether your hotel or condominium complex needs repairs, new installations, or a regularly-scheduled roofing inspection, Oahu Roofing & Repairs is at your side every step of the way.  

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Our Hotel & Condo Roofing Services

Since 2001, we’ve been providing hotels, condos, and other large-scale building complexes with on-demand roofing services. These services include: 

  • New installations 
  • Re-roofs 
  • Waterproofing 
  • Inspections 
  • Roof Leak Detection 

Because these types of repairs often involve multiple properties, owners, and occupants, our experience enables us to work with you to create an actionable plan. This plan takes into account your schedule and assesses your needs. This is vital to minimize downtime and/or disturbing occupants while performing our top-notch roofing services in the most efficient time frame possible.  

And because not all roofs may be constructed in the same way and from the exact same materials, Oahu Roofing & Repairs is adaptable to your unique needs. With over two decades of experience, there’s very little we haven’t seen and worked on directly without creating a positive outcome every time.  

Why Choose Oahu Roofing & Repairs for Hotel & Condo Roofing?

Capability & Experience 

With over 2 decades of experience, our roofing experts have seen and done it all on Oahu. Our condominium roofing services on Oahu are designed for both large-scale and smaller projects. We never overpromise on the time frame and quality of our workmanship. Be sure to ask about our recent projects and references to learn just how we can transform your properties.  


We work within your budget constraints and needs to devise win-win solutions for our customers. We offer affordable options so you can choose the one that best suits you while offering the best materials and workmanship among condominium roofing companies on Oahu.  

Fully Licensed and Bonded  

Our condominium roofing contractors are fully trained, certified, and bonded so that you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best work by general contractors with deep commercial experience.  

Available Manpower 

For large-scale projects, we have an extensive roster of experienced technicians on hand to handle every job efficiently with minimal disruption. We pride ourselves on completing every job on schedule and not letting projects drag on for months on end. We can re-roof / provide roofing services to multiple buildings within a living community while working with your unique scheduling needs.  

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Oahu Roofing & Repairs is one of the most trusted condominium roofing companies on Oahu  – and for good reason.  

We offer free estimates so you can make the best roofing choice with no strings attached. Through our consultation, we’ll be transparent about what your roof repair entails, the scope of work, and the overall cost of the project. Whether you’ve been faced with roof damage from a recent windstorm, falling tree branches, pest infiltration, or just plain old years of exposure to the elements, we’re at your service. 

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