Commercial roofing services on Oahu

Oahu Roofing and Repairs installs new commercial roofing systems including metal, tile,  thermal Poly olefin, (PVC), single-ply and multi-ply (TPO), APP and SBS modified Bitumen (EPDM) rubber, (BUR), and built–up hot asphalt roofing systems. Every new roofing system comes with maintenance schedules, projected repair, and replacement analysis. We also provide options with high-energy photovoltaic efficiency and “green” options that offer greater energy efficiency. This includes the industry-preferred green product reinforced acrylic elastomeric low slope roofing. This product is made out of (TPO) thermal polyolefin, (PVC) polyvinyl chloride, (EPDM) rubber, and reinforced acrylic elastomeric. We provide the option of a low initial and annual cost instead of expensive new construction. Warranty periods are based on the individual roofing systems’ expected useful life, which will depend on your roofing choice. Your roofing systems’ life expectancy for warranty is generally 10-20 years and inspections for these systems happen annually and maintenance is every 1-3 years. 

Types of commercial roofs

  • Commercial/industrial 
  • Condos 
  • Apartments 
  • Retail stores 
  • Restaurants 
  • Investment properties 
  • Hotels 
  • High rises 
  • Schools 
  • Military installations 
  • Churches 
  • Bus stop shelters


  • HydroStop 
  • Visqueen 
  • Gaco 
  • ABC Roofing Supply 
  • PABCO 
  • Rustic metal roofing 
  • CertainTeed 

Commercial roofing repairs

When your business has a roof that needs to be repaired, Oahu Roofing and Repairs will get the job done quickly at a reasonable price! We’re ready to respond in an emergency. We’ll analyze your problem, explain your options, and give you a free estimate. Oahu Roofing and Repairs is a top roofing contractor in Hawaii so we’re experts at dealing with a wide range of commercial roofing problems and other roofing issues, including low slope roofing repair and flat roof leaks. The biggest problem anyone faces in the roofing industry is shoddy repairs, and a bad repair job can cost thousands down the line to fix work that never solved the original problem. Oahu Roofing and Repairs will complete your commercial roof repair correctly the first time. Oahu Roofing and Repairs has the experience and skill set needed for a job as critical as roofing. When it comes to roofing solutions on Hawaii, we believe no one is more qualified than us. 

Commercial roofing replacements

Oahu Roofing and Repairs has built our reputation through years of providing quality roofing repairs and installation. Our experience has given us the knowledge we need to install whatever type of roofing system you want. We have experience working with a wide variety of commercial roofing materials on all types of buildings and we’re ready to help your company with a quality roof.  

Our vast experience includes repairing or retrofitting old properties and installing roofs on brand new projects.  We’re familiar with the best manufacturers of commercial roofs, so we can offer you the best quality and guarantees in the industry. Oahu Roofing and Repairs is prepared to back up our installation with a guarantee. Be sure to get your work done by the best commercial roofing contractor on the islands and give us a call for an analysis of your roofing project and a job estimate!  

Commercial roofing applications

Oahu Roofing and Repairs is qualified to handle all major commercial roofing systems with some of the most trained and experienced commercial roofing installation crews and managers in the industry. Our employees have been with us for a long time, with numerous employees holding 10- 20 years of experience with us. This is a testament to our reliability as a company, which isn’t easy to find today. You can rely on us to give you the highest-quality roofing system for your next commercial project. 



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