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After many years of working with several insurance providers on residential and commercial claims, the experts at Oahu Roofing & Repairs have the skills and experience to assist and streamline the process for you! Acting as an intermediary between you and your insurance company, Oahu Roofing & Repairs is a result-driven consultant with a singular aim: to achieve the best results for you.

We'll work with your insurance provider

  • Residential / Commercial
  • Storm damage claim experts
  • Inspections
  • Bid preparation
  • Quality workmanship

We work with your provider to ensure that you get your repair or replacement completed promptly. Every project begins with a free estimate, your requests are processed, and we send the assessment to your insurance company.

Here are a few tips to follow when dealing with your insurance company:

  • Contact Oahu Roofing & Repairs to schedule a free on-site examination to determine the scope of storm damage that may have occurred.
  • If the damage is proven, you should contact your representative to ask for an investigation.
  • Your representative can authorize any temporary fixes necessary to prevent further harm to your property.
  • Your insurance company will usually require receipts for any urgent repairs you have done, and will reimburse you later.
  • We suggest that you take photos of the damage before any repairs are done.
  • Avoid walking on the roof, so as to not create further damage, and to stay safe.
  • Don’t make any lasting repairs until the adjuster has had the opportunity to examine the damaged property.
  • Once the examination is performed, you’ll receive a claim sheet. The claim sheet will summarize the span of damage and the funds made available for the repairs, minus your deductible.
  • Oahu Roofing & Repairs gives free insurance claims assistance!

The insurance claims process

  1. After the damage is validated, contact your insurance representative.
  2. The claims department should contact you by telephone or mail.
  3. A claims adjuster will be assigned to examine and evaluate the damage.
  4. The claims adjustor should provide you with an itemized explanation of your claim settlement. The report will include the deductible amount and devaluation.
  5. Most homeowner policies award coverage for the full replacement value provided the repairs are complete. In most cases, depreciation is regarded as recoverable. The final payment is made after your receipts are turned in and processed. In most cases, storm damage claims do not cause your insurance rates to go up.


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