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Oahu Roofing & Repairs provides complete and full-service roofing services to the island of Oahu. We give every project our personal attention, no matter how big or small the project is. We work with you through the whole process giving you any help or advice you need. You never need to worry about your roofing project because Oahu Roofing & Repairs is an expert in all areas of commercial and residential roofing. As an experienced roofing contractor on Oahu we do the roof installations, renovations, upgrades, repairs and more. With over 20 years as an Oahu roofing contractor, we have the experience needed to do the excellent work you deserve and expect. 

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Message From The Owner:

Aloha! I’m Roger and I’ve been a roofer in Hawaii for the past 25 years.  I’m an old school roofer where guys used to chew on bits of roofing tar while working to get their blood flowing.  Crazy huh?  I never personally did that, but that’s how long I’ve been in the roofing industry.  When it comes to roofs on Oahu, I’ve pretty much seen it all and done it all.

But enough about me, you need a roofing contractor on Oahu.

Call us if you need help with anything roof related at your home or building that involves roof replacements, roof installations, roof repairs, re-roofs, inspections, leaking roofs, carpentry work, roof structures, roofing contractors on Oahu, asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, shake roofs, fluid applied roofs, roof coatings, Oahu roofing, roofing insurance claims, storm damage repairs, residential roofing, commercial roofing, EPDM roofs, PVC roofs, gutters, downspouts, Oahu roofing contractors….you get the point.  Any and everything roofing related on Oahu, we do it.

Our roofing crews are experienced and take pride in their work.  We’re guilty of having great prices, having an excellent reputation, and building every roof as if it were our own.

We provide roofing services to the entire island of Oahu.

Call for a free quote or if you have some questions about your roof, we’d be happy to tell you what we know. Always trust an experienced roofing contractor to work on your roof.

Mahalo nui loa!



Roofing Services We Offer:

Roof Repairs

Roof Replacements

Commercial Roofing




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Complete Roofing Services in Kaneohe

Oahu Roofing & Repairs offers a full range of roofing services with a personal touch on the windward side of Oahu! We handle all roofing aspects for any residential and commercial buildings including roof repairs, new roof installations, re-roofs, roof restorations, upgrades, insurance roofing claims, and more! 

Our team brings you 25 years of roofing experience in Kaneohe with all aspects of roofing covered from structural repairs, carpentry services, roofing and gutter services. We also boast a full-service sheet metal fabrication shop that allows us to customize your roofing services specifically to your home, business, and family! 

Comprehensive roofing services

  • Residential roofing  
  • Commercial roofing  
  • Industrial roofing  
  • New installation  
  • Damage claim specialists  
  • Free estimates  
  • Free in-home consultations  
  • Military and senior citizen discounts  
  • 24/7 emergency service  
  • Serving Oahu & neighbor islands  

Throughout the roofing process, we’re here to help you. No matter the size and scope of your project, we bring our experience to you to help get you the roof you need and want! All of our work is backed by a 7-year workmanship warranty that is valid for each of our projects. 

The right kind of roofing in Kaneohe

In every project and in every way we want to make the roofing process straightforward and simple. Our team at Oahu Roofing & Repairs provides quality roofing services to residents of Hawaii and the neighboring islands that all meet the highest industry standards. Talk to us today for a free estimate and consultation and let us join your team to get your roof in great working order soon! 

Affordable roofing services in Kaneohe

Oahu Roofing & Repairs believes whole-heartedly that quality roofing services and contractors don’t need to be expensive! We offer competitive rates to our clients that include senior citizen and military rebates in Kaneohe. When you want to invest in your property, get in touch with us for high-quality, budget-friendly roofing solutions from your friendly neighborhood roofing contractors! 

The best quality roofing solution in Kaneohe

Buying your home is making an investment in your future and when you invest in the roof of your home you protect and increase the value of the home overall. Our Kaneohe roofing contractors use superior products, equipment, and techniques to give you the best roofing solutions. We approach each project with the idea that the project and your family are unique and create solutions that cater to your specific needs. Oahu Roofing & Repairs is standing by and waiting for you to help with any roofing services like damage claims, roofing installations, 24/7 emergency roofing services, and even re-roofing! 

Precise solutions for your residential and commercial roofing needs in Kaneohe

Roofing repairs in Kaneohe should be simple and we aim to give you no reason to worry about your roof. To start the process toward getting your roof repaired or installed, we offer free in-home consultations and free estimates. We also have lots of experience in filing claims with your insurance company and can help walk you through the process! 

We work on projects big or small and our experienced roofing contractors at Oahu Roofing & Repairs have done projects from re-roofing to new construction! Our roofing services extend to 24/7 emergency services in case you have any problems that require immediate attention. We’re ready to help you, no matter the project, time, or place in Kaneohe; call us today to get our dedicated team to your site for a free estimate. 

Interior and exterior roofing services

  • Installations  
  • Shingle  
  • Shake  
  • Metal  
  • Steel  
  • Standing seam  
  • Aluminum shake  
  • Tile  
  • Slate  
  • Metal bending  
  • Rot repair  
  • Pitched roofs  
  • Copper  
  • Ceramic tile  
  • Flat roofs  
  • Tear offs / re-roofs  
  • Roof coatings  
  • Covers  
  • Emergency tarping  
  • Torch down bitumen  
  • Tile painting  
  • Flashing manufacturers  
  • Storm damage 

Protect your largest investment: your home

Let’s face it: roof damage happens and when it does you want a team of professionals that can tackle the job no matter how big. Oahu Roofing & Repairs can help you repair any roof damage and protect your roof and home. For every project we source the finest products like PABCO roofing shingles, at an affordable cost and our roofing contractors get the job done with their exceptional services! 

Schedule your free on-site consultation

  • New installations  
  • Shingle/tile roof   
  • Wind damage  
  • Hail damage  
  • Hurricane damage  
  • Water damage  
  • Insurance inspections / bids 

Plan your next roofing project

Our team works with a wide range of insurers to make sure your home and roof are covered if they happen to be damaged or have a defective roof. Starting with a free inspection and consultation, we help you file claims so your roof repairs are covered. 

Enhance your commercial space

Running your business takes a lot of time and worrying about the roof over your head is an unnecessary strain on you. Oahu Roofing & Repairs can take care of all your commercial roofing needs from new construction, maintenance, and insurance work! All of our roofing services and solutions are tailored to you and your business. So let us stress the details of your roof so you can focus on running your business! 

Types of roofs

  • Commercial / industrial  
  • Condos  
  • Apartments  
  • Retail stores  
  • Restaurants  
  • Investment properties  
  • Hotels  
  • High rises  
  • Schools  
  • Military installations  
  • Churches  
  • Bus stop shelters 


  • HydroStop  
  • Visqueen  
  • Gaco  
  • ABC Roofing Supply  
  • PABCO  
  • Rustic metal roofing  
  • CertainTeed 

We’ve been working in this community and industry for 25 years on Oahu and over those decades we’ve developed great relationships with property management groups including Waipio Gentry, Hawaiiana Management, and Hawaii Property Management. This has allowed us to obtain approval from an insurance provider for the roof replacement of every roof in a single apartment complex. We love and cherish our community and neighbors here on Oahu and want to provide great services for every project at an affordable price! 

Roofing damage claim professionals

Working with insurance companies and providers can seem like a daunting task. Our insurance claim team has 10 years of roofing damage claim experience in Kaneohe so we can guide you through the process with ease! Oahu Roofing & Repairs strives to not just fix your roof, but walk with you through the entire insurance claim process. When we work with you and your insurer, we’re trying to get the best solution for you and we keep your needs at the forefront of our negotiations, every time! 

We’ll work with your provider

  • Residential / commercial  
  • Damage claim experts  
  • Excellent results  
  • Inspections  
  • Bid preparation  
  • Quality workmanship  

The first step toward making sure that your replacement or repair is completed on time is a free estimate with Oahu Roofing & Repairs. Once we complete the estimate we work with your provider to ensure there’s no delay in getting all of your repairs and replacement done. Our estimate is done on-site and is forwarded to your insurance provider. 

Throughout this estimate and consultation we’ll give you all the details of the job and how your roofing contractor will complete the project. This gives you time to ask questions and get real-world answers on how your roofing project will be finished. Each roofing solution is unique and we strive to make sure that each project is a custom fit to our clients’ needs and specifications. 

Talking with your insurance provider can be daunting but our team is here to come alongside you with 10 years of insurance claim experience! We work with you and your provider to offer assistance and get you the best deal possible 

Weather damage can happen anytime and when it does you can call us at Oahu Roofing & Repairs to come help 24/7! Our team works hard to protect you and your family especially during bad weather. 

Metal roofing Kaneohe

Metal roofing in Kaneohe is an excellent choice for home and business owners alike. The roof will last for decades and save you on energy costs over time. Oahu Roofing & Repairs can help you install or repair your metal roof to keep it looking great and protecting your investment for years. If you notice damage to your metal roof, contact us to get repairs done fast! 

Metal roofing installation in Kaneohe

Our roofing contractors have nearly a decade of experience with metal roofing and we can get yours installed with efficiency, accuracy, and skill! Whether you’re adding a new metal roof or adding one to a new construction site, we can get it done. 

Rely on us for expert metal roof repair

Installing a brand new roof can be a huge investment but having problems or issues like storm damage or leaks can cause more issues and trouble down the road. Investing in metal roof repair services with Oahu Roofing & Repairs will get your roof back into like-new condition in no time! Our metal roofing contractors in Kaneohe will make sure that everything is up to code and that your metal roof is looking and working great. 

Asphalt shingle roofing services in Kaneohe

Coming up with creative, cutting-edge shingle roofing solutions is a large part of what drives Oahu Roofing & Repairs in Kaneohe. We offer the best solutions for shingle installation, replacement, or repair. All of our jobs are done to meet the top industry standards so you don’t have to worry about chipped or broken shingles. Our team has been doing top-rated asphalt shingle jobs in Kaneohe for years and every job is offered at an affordable price! 

Reliable shingle roof repair in Kaneohe

The last thing you want when you set out to get your shingle roof repaired is to have mismatched colors or patterns and leave your houses curb appeal worse off than when you started. Our team is licensed, insured, and a bonded roofing company that can seamlessly blend your current roofing materials with the repaired ones! Oahu Roofing & Repair works with you to get your home and roof looking great again in no time! 

We work with wood, tile, asphalt, and slate shingles to get your roof looking great in no time! Our team takes great pride in our work and we provide a warranty on all of our work. If you want to get your roof looking like new again, give us a call! 

Tile roofing contractor in Kaneohe

Tile roofing jobs can get complicated quickly but our team has years of experience working in tile installation and repairs! Every tile roofing job gets our full attention and we customize each job to our clients’ needs and wishes. We get results that are unmatched in all of Hawaii and we’re dedicated to making sure that you’re extremely satisfied with the end result. Contact us today to get started with our team of roofing contractors at Oahu Roofing & Repairs! 

Tile roof repair in Kaneohe

Tile roofs are beautiful and functional but they can be a bit delicate. Rainwater, strong winds, and storms in Kaneohe can easily damage some tile roofing systems. When you need help getting your tile roof back to excellent condition with no damage anywhere, give Oahu Roofing & Repairs a call! We’ll be sure to get your tile roof looking great with no storm damage in a flash! 

About Us

Every home is unique and a large part of the design that sets your home apart is your roof! Homes in Kaneohe are some of the most beautiful on the island but the roof can’t just be for show, it has to stand up to the harsh winds, rains, and storms that blow up without warning. When you need to combine aesthetically pleasing roofing materials with work that will stand the test of time, Oahu Roofing & Repairs is the team to call! 

Our team of roofing contractors has been operating in and around Kaneohe for over 2 decades! We know what it takes to make sure your home is protected without sacrificing your style in the process. Everything from simple repairs to putting in a whole new roof is part of our daily routine. 

Your home or commercial property should be well-protected and by investing with the best roofers in Kaneohe you’ll save yourself time, money, and effort in the future! Damage to your roof can happen at any time and when emergencies blow in, give our team a call. We’ll come help you get back into your home even when the timing isn’t ideal. 

A home is a major investment and you want to keep it looking it’s best for years to come. While you could clamber up a ladder and do the work yourself, save time, effort, and money by investing with the best roofers in Kaneohe, Oahu Roofing & Repairs! We’ll do the hard work for you! 



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